The ’61 Ford takes care of itself

So beautifully built you lubricate it only after each 30,000 miles

(and for only about $4)

Just consider: no more lubrications every 1,000 to 2,000 miles! And look at the savings!

While other cars bill up to $45 in lube jobs during 30,000 miles, Ford will cost you only about $4. That’s because Ford’s new sealed-in lubrication system replaces the need for conventional grease fittings.

At your Ford Dealer’s, the threaded metal plug protecting each lubrication point is removed, specially developed grease injected, and the plug put back. That’s all there is to it. Imagine, up to 60,000 miles with one stop for one lubrication costing only about $4. This is just one of Ford’s take-care-of-itself features. This is the Ford in your future!

01-13-1961-The '61 Ford takes care of itself


Lubricates itself — You’ll normally go 30,000 miles between chassis lubrications (which cost only about $4.00 and take about 20 minutes) because Ford has replaced conventional grease fittings with a sealed-in lubrication system.

Cleans its own oil — You’ll go 4,000 miles between oil changes because Ford’s Full-Flow oil filter gives you filtration through fibers… trapping more dirt than any other type of filter made.

Guards its own muffler — Ford mufflers are double-wrapped and aluminized to last three times as long as ordinary mufflers.

Adjusts its own brakes — New truck-size brakes adjust themselves—automatically.

Protects its own body — All vital underbody parts are specially processed to resist rust and corrosion, even to galvanizing the body panels beneath the doors.

Takes care of its own finish — New Diamond Lustre Finish never needs waxing.

Beautifully built to take care of itself… ’61 FORD 

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