5478 records later, you’ll be glad you bought a Philco (1964)

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5,478 long-playing records from now you’ll still be glad you bought a Philco Stereo… that’s Philco lasting value

Have you ever figured that if you played just three records a day, you would total up 5,478 “plays” in five years. That’s why it just doesn’t pay to put good money into a second-rate, flimsily-constructed stereo phonograph.

Every Philco stereo, whether it be a compact portable or a Mastercraft console, is built to give you superb listening pleasure year after year, record after record. In fact, we encourage music lovers to load up a stack of records and enjoy background music all day.


One of Philco’s valuable features is a Background Sound Control that permits full-fidelity sound at low listening levels. Your records, too, will be glad you picked a Philco. You can actually drag the Scratch-Guard Floating Diamond Needle across a record without harm to the grooves. And the featherweight Philco tone arm practically eliminates wear.

If you have any idea of “going stereo,” we hope you’ll see a Philco dealer. The extra lasting value of Philco products doesn’t make them more expensive; it just makes them more economical in the long run!


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