30 years to decide if man can stay on earth (1968)

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We have about thirty years to decide if man can stay on earth.

Experts figure that by the year 2000 there will be three hundred million Americans. That’s about one hundred million more of us than there are today. It could be a problem. As you know, we’re running a little low on water. And houses keep popping up where corn used to grow. Even the earth is getting a little stingy with her fossil fuels.

As big as these problems are, we think they can be solved. Because people are getting smarter faster than they’re having babies. (Every 10 to 15 years our store of technical knowledge doubles.) The real solution is putting this knowledge to work at the right time, in the right direction, against the right problem.

One way to do it is with a company that can command and manage almost unlimited technologies. A company that can perform the whole range of industrial work, from basic research to mass production. A company that markets individual products or entire systems, here or all over the world.

North American Rockwell is that kind of a company.

30 years to decide if man can stay on earth 1968

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