3 of the hottest bikes for kids (1968-1970)

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Introducing The Screamer (1968)

Sears went to the drag races… and came back with a new kind of bike.

At the drag races, you see cars like you see nowhere else. They’re the dream cars of people under 20.

That gave Sears an idea. The idea for a bike you can really fall in love with. A bike that makes any other bike just a plain drag.

Now Sears is ready. The new bike is called The Screamer. It sure doesn’t look or rise like any bike Sears, Roebuck and Co. — or your son — ever had before.

Tomorrow, let your boy check out The Screamer — one of the great collection of bikes — at the Sears Sports Center near you.

drag race bicycle Ebony Nov 1968 sears bike



Introducing The Screamer (1969)

Sears wheels out the first bike with a frame like a drag racer.

The fastest cars in drag racing? Ask your son. He knows what they look like. Long, sloping frames. Huge rear tires. And a look like lightning.

That gave Sears an idea for a bike built the same way. The first one that would look like the real thing. Now Sears has it. The new Screamer.

It’s a wide-tired, low-slung, honest-to-drag-racing bike. And it’s like nothing else you’ll see this side of the drag strip.

drag race bike LIFE Nov 28, 1969 sears bicycle


Spyder 500 (1970)

Sears invents the lightweight “Spyder 500.” It gets you there a whole lot faster. 

Choosing a bike used to be a tough decision for kids. Sears knows. They talked to hundreds of them. For hot styling, the Spyder was the favorite. For speed, the lightweight.

But now they don’t have to make that decision. Because Sears had an idea. An idea to take the things they like best about each kind of bike and put them together on a bike like there never was before. So Sears had a famous bicycle designer do just that.

And this is the bike. The “Spyder 500.”

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Butterfly bars, cheater slick tire, bucket banana seat on a lightweight racing bike that’s geared to get you where you’re going a whole lot faster. For anyone, from 7 to 17, it’s a whole new way to go.

spyder 500 bike Ebony Sep 1970 sears bicycle


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