20 giant wide-eyed go-go dancers & decorations for your wall (1967)

20 giant wall display decorations in full color for your home

Complete set of wide-eyed dancers and decorations magically converts walls into gaily-colored room setting

20 giant wide-eyed go-go dancers-1967 (2)

Amazing $1 art offer!

Imagine decorating your home with these full-color, dynamic wide-eyed youths. You get 6 dancers, an electric guitar and a strummin’ guitar, a portable record player, 2 albums plus 2 records, a cherry flip soda, a phone, musical notes, an exciting sign and even a big transistor radio!

The moment you mount these decorations in your room, you change its whole appearance, and the entire room jumps with color and new excitement.

20 giant wide-eyed go-go dancers-1967 (1)

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