The 1969 Dodge Chargers

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The Eternal Triangle

“You’d think Ralph’s new love would have been curtains for me. I mean, it was all he talked about. Well, I learned to live with it. As it turned out, I think his new Charger R/T really brought us closer together. He’s taught me how to shift the 4-speed synchromesh. He lets me pick out stereo tapes. And clean the vinyl buckets. It’s not all bad. He even mentioned marriage once.”

1969-dodge-charger-vintage-cars (1)


Dodge White Hat Special Charger

Now you can get a super deal on America’s Super Car! The special low White Hat package price includes: Vinyl roof in black, white, tan or green; Simulated wood-grained steering wheel; Hood-mounted turn signals; Light group; Outside, remote-controlled rearview mirror; Whitewall tires; Deep-dish wheel covers.

How can you resist it? Get Dodge Fever

1969-dodge-charger-vintage-cars (2)


440 cubes gift-wrapped

As long as you plan to treat yourself to the 440 Magnum, the extra-heavy-duty suspension, the four-speed with the honest, muscle-bound Hurst shifter, why not have it gift-wrapped?

Charger R/T. The one that goes as tough as it looks. The one that comes equipped the way you want it, and priced so you can have it.

Charger R/T – Dodge/Chrysler

1969-dodge-charger-rt-car-vintage-ad (2)


Wailer – Charger R/T

There you sit in silence. Cool. Unruffled. But you’re about to be discovered, George. That gaping split grille. The Charger R/T badge. The Hurst competition plus shifter…

1969-dodge-charger-rt-car-vintage-ad (1)

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