1966 Thunderbird: America’s personal luxury car

Ford Thunderbird for 1966 (1)


1966 Thunderbird: America’s Personal Luxury Car

Of the world’s great luxury cars, only Thunderbird is so completely dedicated to the idea of personal luxury.

Among many innovations for 1966, there is a new, more formal Town series with its own distinctive roofline. The classic Thunderbird look, in convertible and hard-top models, is still available.

This year, too, Thunderbird leads the way with unique features like a Safety Convenience Panel mounted over-head in the new Town models. This panel warns the driver if a door is ajar or fuel is low, and reminds him to fasten his seatbelt. A similar unit is dash-mounted, on other models.

A new, more powerful Thunderbird V-8 engine is now standard. Or, if you wish, a remarkable new 428 cubic-inch V-8 is offered as optional equipment. Another distinctive Thunderbird option this year is an AM Radio/Stereo Tape system.

Let your Ford Dealer show you why Thunderbird continues to be America’s one Personal Luxury Car.


Shown: 1966 Thunderbird Town Hardtop

Ford Thunderbird for 1966 (2)

Ford Thunderbird for 1966 (3)

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