Drive to the tune of a Pontiac Trophy V-8 (1961)

Wide-Track makes it a great day for driving to the tune of a Pontiac V-8

Your Pontiac whisks you from driveway to roadway with unswerving balance. Curves and turns come and go. But you sit comfortably unmoved.

We achieve such roadworthy balance this way: Body width has been trimmed, side overhang almost eliminated. More weight is placed between the wheels.

The new Trophy V-8 delivers more of what Pontiac is famous for. And on regular gas if you choose the Trophy Economy V-8 with its dollar-saving lower compression ratio.

Want to start tomorrow off right? See your fine Pontiac dealer.

Pontiac  Trophy V-8 & Trophy Economy V-8


pontiac-v8-01-13-1961-life (1)

pontiac-v8-01-13-1961-life (2)

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