Wisdom for window treatments (1959)

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Love the house — love its windows!

Unfortunately it doesn’t always happen that way.

Some of us choose a Cape Cod for its cozy charm, then discover its small windows cramp our decorating style. Some of us buy a modern house with dramatic glass walls, only to despair when we try placing our furniture.

Yes, we may buy a house because we love it and thrill to the thought of how our furniture and carpets will look in it, but we rarely get around to dressing the windows until after we move in. Then comes the moment of truth for many of us — we have a problem window on our hands!

How we want to treat a window is a personal thing — based on our personal feelings about privacy, about a view, about decor, about durability, about maintenance. When these feelings come into conflict with the shape, size, or location of our windows, disenchantment pours out of all our doors and into the ears of decorating departments in stores all over the country.

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