Wherever there’s youth & fun, there’s a ’57 Pontiac!

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Don’t look now, but Pontiac’s being followed (Convertible)

Cast an eye over the nimble number that’s giving them all ideas for the years ahead! Take into account a total tally of nearly fourscore first-time features… bright notions like Pontiac’s trend setting accent color styling… and you’ll in a single mile of driving how this husky beauty’s rewriting the book on readability!

Take the wheel and feel the spry response of Pontiac’s all new, deep chested Strato-Streak V-8 engine. Test the hair-trigger reflexes of perfected controls. Then find yourself in a rough stretch of highway and sample the road-paving magic of Level-Line Ride! You won’t blame them for playing follow the leader with this one. Try it… and get a taste of the future today in America’s Number One Road Car!


Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors Corporation


Wherever there’s youth and fun, there’s Pontiac! (’57 sedan)



Pontiac’s ahead by a country mile (1957 2-door)

(100,000 miles to be exact)


America’s Number 1 Road Car! See your Pontiac dealer


Looks like Pontiac read America’s mind!



New ideas for ’57? Pontiac has a carload!


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