Wake up in a bright new bedroom! (1956)

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Wake up in a bright new bedroom!

Bassett makes it so easy to own!

Let this lovely Bassett bedroom set a bright pattern for your day! It’s a modern suite, simple and straightforward, yet it brings so much to your bedroom. Each piece, you see, stands cleanly “off the floor,” giving your room a sense of space and lightness. And planning your color scheme is easy, because Bassett gives you three different woods to choose from, in four exciting finishes!


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3 Responses

  1. I have a ’56 bedroom set that is almost exactly like this one! Could you tell me what the current value of this would be if I were to sell it?

  2. This Bassett Furniture bedroom suite was feature in Life magazine in 1956 and I was the model for the ad. Can you tell me the month of this ad??

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