Vinyl plastic-coated wall and floor coverings (1950)

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For a care-free room

Wards offer Sandran and Sandura-Wall

New vinyl plastic-coated floor and wall coverings. If you’ve dreamed of a kitchen – or bath or nursery – that will stay gay, sparkling, and fresh as the day it was finished, then cover your floors with Sandran, your walls with Sandura-Wall. Here are the reasons why:

Colors stay bright, clear. Sandran’s tile design stays brilliant – Sandura-Wall’s attractive pastel shades will not fade, streak or discolor. Both are “locked in” under the tough plastic coating.

Shed dirt, grease, stains. Dirt cannot penetrate the non-porous plastic surface. A whisk of a damp cloth cleans Sandura-Wall – Sanduran sparkles without scrubbing. Its satin-smooth finish needs no wax.

Years and years of wear. It’s the surface that counts – and tests prove that Sandura’s plastic surfaces will outwear more costly products.

Cut decorating costs. Sandran and Sandura-Wall give you the beauty of expensive floor and wall tiles at a fraction of their cost. And they eliminate re-decorating worries for years to come.

Install it yourself. It’s easy – and you save even more. Flexible Sandran lies flat without fastening – can be cut with shears to fit. Sandura-Wall hangs as easily as wallpaper – instructions with every roll.

See them at Wards. Sandran and Sandura-Wall, in these and other patterns, can be seen at our Catalog Order Offices and Retail Store Order Desks. Order them there, or by mail from information at right.

To order by mail write direct to the nearest Ward Mail Order House. Use the article numbers below, give amount you want of each item, and state choice of color for each.

Sandran floor covering

Available in Green, Red, White, Gray or Blue. State choice of color and number of running feet you need. Shipping weights per running foot: 6-foot width, 2 pounds 6 ounces; 9-foot width 3 pounds 10 ounces.

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72FW 4406R – 6-ft width. Running foot: 98¢
72FW 4409R – 9-ft width. Running foot: $1.47

Sandura-Wall covering

Tile patterns. State choice of Blue, Peach, Green or Black background with White lines; or White background with Red, Blue or Black lines. Postage paid.

76FWP 5200 – Roll 48 in wide, 9 feet long. Each roll: $2.95

Plain colors. State choice of Blue, Coral, Green, Buff, Ivory, Cream, Gray or white. Postage paid.

76FWP 5000 – Roll 27 in wide, 16 feet long. Each roll: $2.95

Simply send your order with check or money order, including transportation charges for Sandran, and your state sales tax, to

Montgomery Ward & Co

Albany 1, New York Kansas City 11, Missouri Baltimore 31, Maryland
Chicago 7, Illinois Portland 10, Oregon St Paul 1, Minnesota
Denver 17, Colorado Ft Worth 1, Texas Oakland 16, California

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