United Airlines: The radar line (1958)

Radar means extra care on every Mainliner

Captain Jack Holst tells how United’s radar works. “With radar, United pilots can look 150 miles ahead, X-ray cloud masses, and avoid centers of turbulence without long detours. On United — with radar on every plane — we can give you smoother flights, more on-time arrivals. United is the only coast-to-coast airline with radar on every plane.” First Class or Air Coach, you can enjoy United’s Extra care — all the way!

United Airlines ad - 1958

The airline that’s most like home

On United, you enjoy a feeling of at-homeness that’s found on no other airline. You’ll sense it when you make your reservation, when you board your Mainliner. Aloft, a deep, soft seat, a delicious meal invite you to relax in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Nice to know, too, that United is the only coast-to-coast airline with radar on every plane. You pay no more on United, but you get so much extra!

United Airlines ad - 1958

Red carpet service costs no more

Your celebrity-style welcome is only the beginning of United’s famous Red Carpet service. You get extra speed — on the DC-7, fastest airliner coast-to-coast by half an hour. And you get extra service, too — deluxe seating accommondations, luxury meals and refreshments, specail baggage handling. Also Red Carpet Service, fastest along the Pacific and to Hawaii. Yet there’s no extra fare!

United Airlines ad - 1958


Only coast-to-coast all-radar fleet

You’re sure of more on-time arrivals and smoother, more comfortable flights on United’s radar-equipped Mainliners. United, the Radar line, is the only coast-to-coast airline with radar on every plane. Radar x-rays weather up to 150 miles ahead, shows where storm centers are, helps the pilot avoid turbulence and detours. Next time, call United — or your travel agent.

United Airlines ad - 1958

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