Timetable for hitting the moon (1958)

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Timetable for hitting the moon

US military officers who deal with future projects foresee a timetable along these lines if the go-ahead is given:

Within a few months, a rocket made from present “hardware” can hit the moon.

Within a year, a space vehicle can orbit around the moon, send back reports on scientific measurements from the moon’s “far side.”

Within three years, a satellite containing a man can get into orbit around the earth, to test equipment for human space travel.

Within 5 years, an unmanned space vehicle can get to the moon, circle it, and return to the earth with pictures.

Within 7 years, a space vehicle with a man in it can get to the moon, orbit around it, and return to the earth safely.

Within 10 to 12 years, an American can be landed on the moon and then brought back to earth.

Exact timetable, these officers believe, will depend on the propulsion systems developed, and upon new techniques for the safe re-entry of human beings into the earth’s atmosphere. No insurmountable problems are foreseen at this time.


Top photo of the moon courtesy NASA

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