The Music Man: Pressing vinyl record albums (1959)

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Answer to a Pressing Question About Stereo

Listen to a stereophonic record, and the music swirls around you. This remarkable realism comes from the record grooves — where the needle or stylus moves both laterally and vertically. With regular hi-fi, the stylus moves only from side to side. This presents a real challenge for the record maker. Simply stated: how to press stereo records with grooves tough enough to do twice the work without sacrificing quality of tone. The answer for one major record company: Pliovic, Goodyear vinyl resin.

Not only does Pliovic toughen the grooves it has improved compound glow” during high-speed press-nig, reduced flash, lowered rejects and made possible more efficient, more economical production. Most important of uhf—is has enhanced the illusion of living sound.

Want to improve the strength — and sales appeal — of your product? Pliovic may well be the answer. For more information, write Goodyear, Chemical Division, Dept, E-9464, Akron 16, Ohio.


Record album shown: The Music Man soundtrack starring Robert Preston

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