The dashing new 1957 Corvette & Bel Air Sport Coupe

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’57 Chevy puts the purr in performance!

Sweet, smooth & sassy! The dashing new Corvette & the Bel Air Sport Coupe with Body by Fisher — two of 20 beautiful new Chevies.

That new V8 in the ’57 Chevrolet is as quiet as a contented cat and as smooth as cream. And it’s cat-quick in response when you ask for action!

No household tabby sitting in a sunny window ever purred more softly than Chevy’s new V8 engine. It’s so kitten-quiet and cream-smooth that you can scarcely even tell when it’s idling. But when you nudge the accelerator, you know it’s there, all right! It pours out the kind of velvety action that helps you be a surer, safer driver at all times. Its smooth, right-now response keeps you out of unexpected highway emergencies.

And it overpowers steep hills with such ease they seem like level landscape. New Chevrolet V8 engine options put up to 245* high-compression horsepower under your command. With 283 cubic inches of displacement, this beautifully designed V8  is a new, bigger and better edition of the engines that have put Chevrolet at the top of the performance ladder.

It’s sassy, sure — but as tame to your touch as a purring pussycat. Try the smoothest V8 you ever put a toe to, and all the good things that go with it. Like new Turboglide — the first and only triple-turbine automatic drive (an extra-cost option). And Chevy’s own special sweet and solid way of going.

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Stop by your Chevrolet dealer’s… Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit 2, Michigan.

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