Studebaker neither toils nor spins (1957)

They toil not… nor do they spin!

Studebaker is supercharged! New reserve power makes light of steepest hills.

Studebaker has Twin Traction! Gets through when other cars spin wheels in vain.

vintage car ad Studebaker 1957

Only Studebaker in all America offers the power-plus economy of a built-in supercharger. It’s standard on the Studebaker Golden Hawk.

And to match this power, Studebaker now offers the last word in driving control: Twin Traction lets either rear wheel take the traction to pull you out of mud, snow and slippery places, and to keep you safer on the road.

These are only two of many important advances in Studebaker ‘57. Why not see them all! Visit your Studebaker Dealer today and discover Craftsmanship makes the big difference!

Studebaker-Packard Corporation — Where pride of Workmanship comes first!

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