Street scene, USA: Changes ahead for cars (1958)

Street scene, USA, 1958

Many changes from yesterday… but “even more dramatic” changes in cars ahead for tomorrow

Street scene USA 1958

Big cars dominate a typical city block today. Top-priced cars are long and sleek — lower-priced models grow more like them. That’s one of Detroit’s problems.

New competitors are the little, foreign autos, popping up in more and more places. More than 200,000 were imported last year — another of Detroit’s problems.

Changes in car design, shown by contrast of older cars in photo with newer models, may come even faster today. Trend is to still bigger hardtops, other models.

Cars of the future will have more power assists — to make driving and parking easier — and more gasoline economy, to help offset one of the lures of the small cars.

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