Smooth as quicksilver: The ’57 Chevrolet!

Smooth as quicksilver, and quick as they come: the ’57 Chevrolet!

Trips never seemed so short — or roads so smooth — as they do in this beautiful traveler. It’s sweet, smooth and sassy — with new velvety V8 power and a sure-footed way of going that’s Chevy’s alone!

Cars with Chevy’s born-to-the-road build are hard to come by these days. In addition to designing a car that’s just plain good to look at, Chevrolet engineers didn’t forget that a car’s first obligation is to ride, and ride well. The new Chevy’s low and wide (as comfortable inside as you’d want) and built for the road, with broad-based outrigger rear springs and beautifully balanced weight. That’s the reason for Chevrolet’s nice solid feel; the reason it moves so surely and smoothly along any kind of highway and clings so gracefully on curves.

Cars with Chevy’s jack-rabbity pep are hard to come by, too. The secret here is a V8 engine, with up to 245 h.p.,* that brings a smile to your face when you nudge it even a little bit.

Now if you’re looking for extra economy in your driving, your choice would be Chevy’s famous “Blue-Flame” Six. But V8 or 6, you’re sure of fun. Stop by your Chevrolet dealer’s and try one soon! . . . Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit 2, Mich.

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*270-h.p. high-performance V8 engine also available at extra cost.


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