Packard Patrician 400 advanced motor car (1951)

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Packard Patrician 400

Most advanced motor car in America

It has just one Old-Fashioned idea!

… the traditional Packard idea that every deep-down, hidden part must be as carefully finished as the things you see on the surface.

Old-fashioned idea? In an age of “on the surface glitter,” it might seem that way.

But actually, there are very practical dividends from this Packard idea: In longer-lasting safety and silent smoothness, and frugal freedom from service needs. It’s one of the big reasons why, of all the Packards built — in the last 52 years — over 50% are still in service!

So, if you’re buying with an eye on the years ahead — pay spacial attention to this one “old fashioned idea” in the year’s newest new car!

It’s more than a car — it’s a PACKARD. As the man who owns one.


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