New Nash Airflyte construction for 1950’s most modern cars

You’ve never seen anything like it!

Touch a button — it’s a super-safe open car. Push a button — there’s the comfort of a family sedan!

It’s the Nash Rambler Landau — America’s lowest-price 5-passenger convertible!

Come see the most thrilling convertible in years — the new Nash Rambler! For the first time — all the fun of a smart, open car, with the safety of Airflyte construction — combined with the all-year comfort and rattle-proof rigidity of a sedan. All at lowest-price!

It’s the newest member of the Nash Airflyte family

Statesman – Ambassador

There’s much of tomorrow in all Nash does today!



Different??? You have no idea!

Airflyte construction stays new years longer

Step into a 1950 Nash Airflyte. Relax, if you like, in a heavenly-soft Airliner Reclining Seat that’s five-ways adjustable — or, if you want thrills, you be the driver.

1950 Nash Airflyte Car


Airflyte Construction now brings you 1950’s most modern cars


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