Nash Ambassador cars: Made for families (1956)

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Too hot to hold ’til ’57!

Nash announces a completely new concept in fine cars… the new Ambassador Special with Torque-Flo V8… world’s newest, most advanced automobile engine.


Nash thought of the children, too

… in the world’s finest travel car!

We didn’t stop with giving Nash the swiftest, boldest speedlines and the hottest new V8. We added a “baker’s dozen” of exclusive benefits for children’s comfort and parents’ peace of mind. We put the biggest, safest room on the road into the world’s strongest  safest construction… and instant “nap couch” nearly 3 feet wise for two youngsters, plus “sit up” room for parents… a “game table” rear arm rest… a new kind of low-cost air conditioning…


The Nash Ambassador in Disneyland


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