Make your own gift wrapping bags (1956)

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Make your own gift wrapping bags

They’re gifts themselves with many “after” uses


Have you ever gone through wrapping gymnastics trying to make a pretty package of an odd-shaped gift? The easiest way is to slip it in a bag. Ours are made like a brown paper bag, but with colorful fabrics, printed papers, even leather. In addition to gift wrapping, bags will be handy later in suitcases or as storage aids.

  1. Gift money in bill-size leather bag. (Side seam glued halfway only.) After — makes a convenient billfold.
  2. Share your harvest of prized seeds in little gift bags. After — perfect jewelry pouches.
  3. Compact, glamour-wrapped in taffeta with a contrasting lining. After — pretty purse for parties.
  4. Preserves packaged in chintz, then tied with a pert bow. After — the schoolgirl’s favorite lunch carrier.
  5. Fancy cookies are a treat in bright paper bag lined in waxed paper. After — a bag for more cookie giving.


The bag pattern

To make a bag, decide on the size you’ll need, select and cut material, then follow steps for folding. If using paper or leather, seal side seam and attach point A to B, Step 3, with Elmer’s glue. For fabric bags, stitch side seam, fold through Step 2, and make seam from A to B. Then turn, so seams are inside, and fold bottom again as in Steps 2, 3. Tack point A to B; hem or pink opening.




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