Make way for the Lancers by Dodge (1956)

Make way for the Lancers by Dodge

Gallant and gay… the Dodge Lancers put adventure back in motoring! Here are daring “hardtops” in 2-door and 4-door models, and their dashing companion — the Dodge convertible. They are available in all 3 series: Custom Royal, Royal and the sensationally low-priced Coronet. Discover the Difference in Dodge!

Coronet Lancer — lowest priced hardtop in the Dodge field! Here’s pace-setting style with performance to match. On the Bonneville Salt Flats, the new ‘56 Dodge shattered 306 AAA records held by expensive American and foreign cars.


This Custom Royal Lancer gives you the looks and luxury of cars costing a thousand dollars more. And keep this in mind: Dodge outperformed all cars in every price class in the recent NASCAR acceleration runs — the true measure of performance.

The Lancer goes 4-door! This fabulous Dodge blends dashing Lancer style with 4-door convenience in spectacular fashion. There’s a 4-door Lancer by Dodge in all 3 Series: Custom Royal (above), Royal and Coronet.

Dashing companion to the Lancers! Dodge convertibles steal the “Oh’s” from the costliest cars. And just wait till you discover the Magic Touch of Dodge push-button driving! It’s mechanically perfect… the easiest, safest, surest way of driving ever developed!

Value leader of the forward look

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