Space-saving home decorating hints (1959)

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Wood grille divider

Pegboard corner supports-1959Handsome wood grille, attached to ceiling, wall, and floor separates dining room from entrance hall in the Clinton Peets’ home, Sherman Oaks, California. The open-work panels supply design interest to both areas. They require no extra floor space, and permit the passage of daylight into the dining room. Panels are painted charcoal gray. Decorated by Susan Ross.

Pegboard shelving

Pegboard corner supports brackets for decorative arrangement of books, magazines and hampers in the home of Mr and Mrs Ray Knipple, Smyrna, Georgia. Wicker hampers provide ideal storage for such articles as accessories, pocketbooks, and sweaters.

For kitchen, bedroom, dining room

Antique hatrack used to display a collection of old mustache cups is ideal for a narrow kitchen wall. Colorful dish towels add variety. A small nail or tack on pegs will keep mugs from slipping.

Tailored canopy bed is made from a panel of fabric running up wall and onto ceiling and held in place by brass rod at corner line. Fabric matches spread and trim bolster.

Shallow cupboards fill 13-inch alcove in dining room of Mrs L Dickson Griffith, of Darien, Connecticut. Slate surface is oiled for sheen. White cafe curtains hang above it on brass rod.

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