Hawaiian Airlines tour guide & route map (1956)

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Hawaii’s tropical allure

Hawaii’s tropical allure is a composite of all the Islands in its chain. Each is rich in natural and historic lore… each has a fascination of its own, found nowhere else. To appreciate fully the scenic splendors, the hospitable spirit and enchantment of the real Hawaii, you must visit all the major neighbor Islands.

You have probably looked forward to your visit for a long time. You will be spending hours or days to come a long way. Don’t stop just minutes short of the whole tropical wonderland you are traveling to see.

When you plan your trip to the neighbor Islands, specify travel via Hawaiian Airlines’ Royal Fleet. Only by doing so can you be assured of the finest, fastest air transportation available in Hawaii. Choose either modern, pressurized Convair 340s or new Douglas VIEWMASTERS with five-foot-wide panoramic windows. Hawaiian’s Convair 340 is Hawaii’s only aircraft pressured for your flying comfort.

“Hawaiian Hospitality” is the keynote of your flights to the neighbor Isles with Hawaiian Airlines. Nothing is left undone to help make your trips the most memorable occasion ever.

Hawaiian Airlines holds America’s all-time Safety Record with more than a quarter century of dependable service.

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