Crafty “growing” fun with crayons (1957 & 1959)

Crayola Corner: “Growing” fun with crayons (1959)

Crayola “family tree.” On shelf paper or a long strip of wrapping paper draw a six-foot “tree-trunk” with crayons. Use a yardstick to measure off inches. Fasten to the back of the door or other convenient spot and use to measure children’s height. Each measurement becomes a “branch” which children can color along with name and date and other suitable decorations. For permanent record draw on a strip of an old sheet and “set” with a warm iron.

Starting flowers. Seeds or bulbs can be started in tin cans filled with earth. Measure and cut strips of paper to go around can. Allow for a slight overlap. To decorate, children draw and color flowers that will grow from the seed, and paste or tape paper around the can.

Garden markers. Using ice cream sticks, tongue depressors or wooden spoons, children can make gaily colored markers for seeds planted in Spring. Write the name of vegetable or flower and draw a picture of it. Bright colors of Crayola Crayons are waterproof… won’t wash off in rain.

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The Crayola Corner (1957)

The cold weather, indoor-play season is upon us. Having lots of crayons around the house can make wintertime easier on the parent and more fun for the child. Here are some ways to…

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Amuse the “stay-abed.” Winter colds and other childhood illnesses may mean days home from school. CRAYOLA Crayons are a wonderful morale builder on such occasions. They’re one of the best toys for a child confined to bed and they give mother a chance to finish her housework. too.

Make homework fun. No question about it-geography becomes a more colorful subject when there are crayons to learn with. (CRAYOLA Crayons in the #48 box for the 48 states, for instance.) So does arithmetic when little Billy makes his own adding and subtracting cards. So does most any subject with CRAYOLA Crayons.

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