Men in motion make more sales: Two-way radio (1958)

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Men in motion make more sales

…when you direct them by General Electric two-way mobile radio

Radio-dispatched salesmen get there faster. The result? Hot prospects don’t have a chance to cool down — and sales curves climb.


Salesmen who check prices, inventory and trade-ins by radio can close deals on the spot. Problems requiring management decision get immediate action. G-E two-way radio also helps routemen, delivery men and service men cover more ground, serve more customers.

Exclusive Progress Line design

General Electric’s exclusive Progress Line is the most dependable mobile communication known today. It includes transistorized power supplies… and, at no extra cost, pre-tested tubes to withstand shock and vibration… interchangeable plug-in chassis to speed servicing… and controlled reluctance microphones for the highest possible voice fidelity.

Today most businesses are eligible for FCC licensing to use either mobile radio or point-to-point microwave systems. Equipment can be leased, financed or purchased outright. A G-E communications consultant will give you complete details. He’s listed under “Radio Communication Equipment” in the Yellow Pages. Or write for our free booklet. General Electric Company, Communication Products Dept., Section 3248, Syracuse, N.Y.

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