Make it: Fun furniture for kids (1955)

Make it: Fun furniture for kids

Fun furniture

by Woman’s Day Workshop; William E Whitlock, Director

Put together a half dozen of these Fun Furniture pieces, and your child will have endless play ideas. Made from just one simple box construction, the pieces are great for pretend games, the right size to use as table and chairs. And best of all, Mother can do this job herself. (No waiting for Dad to get around to it!) See following pages for easy directions, step-by-step photographs.

Games unlimited – hours of play for active preschoolers

Buy cut lumber… measure… saw… nail… paint

1. A delicious idea — it’s teatime for two
2. Artist at work in her made-to-order studio
3. All aboard on the soapbox express!
4. “My, Mrs Smith, you have lots of mail today”
5. Pile ’em up to fill with toys

A. Have sections cut from 3/4″ pine lumber at lumberyard.

B. Mark hand openings; using brace, 1″ bit, drill hole at each end of areas to be cut away.

C. With coping or jig saw, cut out hand openings; round section corners as shown. Sand with medium, then fine sandpaper.

D. Glue surfaces to be joined; sink nailheads into wood. Fill holes with wood filler; sand.

E. Apply shellac thinned 50-50 with alcohol; dry. Apply 2 coats enamel; rub down all coats with fine steel wool.

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