Extension phone in your kitchen saves everyday effort (1959)

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Why you need a kitchen extension phone

First, it’s a great help in running the house — near shopping lists and at your finger tips for calls to the plumber or other repairmen.

Next, it saves you trouble. Biscuits won’t burn, or a pot boil over, because a telephone call took you out of the kitchen. And you can still keep a watchful eye on playing children.

It saves you lots of steps, too. Your husband, like you, will find it one of the most useful phones in your house.

And when all your work is done, it’s easy and fun to take a break and chat with a friend on your handy kitchen extension. Fact is, extension phones in the places your family works, sleeps and plays help no much and cost so little.

Spring-a-ling! It’s kitchen telephone time. Drop in soon at your local Bell Telephone business office and see the colorful kitchen phones on display there. One of them will be just right for your kitchen!


An extension phone in your kitchen saves you everyday effort so you can enjoy more holiday fun

Much of the flurry of Christmas activity starts in your busy kitchen. And that’s where a handy extension phone belongs… within any reach for the many calls you make and receive.

It’ll save you stops by the dozens while you’re hating dozens of cookies. And it will save you time by the minutes when minutes  mean a lot of fun with family and friends. Indeed, extension phones throughout your home give you convenience and comfort. Christmas time and any time, wherever the family works, plays or sleeps.

They’re easy to order from your neighborhood Bell Telephone business office. Just call or drop in. And extension phones are available in a choice of attractive, popular colors.

P.S. Wouldn’t someone you know love an extension for Christmas?

Bell Telephone System: Extension phones around the house make life easier for the whole family

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