Evolution of Smith-Corona typewriters (1957-1989)

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1957: Surprise the family

… with the most useful gift of all — Smith-Corona, the world’s finest and fastest portable.

smith corona typewriter 1957

1965: Think ahead

Only Smith-Corona makes an electric portable today.

smith corona typewriter 04 19 1965

1965: Don’t speed in a school zone

… unless you do it on a Smith-Corona portable typewriter

smith corona typewriter 09 19 1965

1966: Smith-Corona didn’t invent electricity

We just put it to work in portable typewriters

smith corona typewriter 04 18 1966

1967: Smith-Corona electric fingers

The portable that makes all your hours of typing easier, faster

smith corona typewriter 04 03 1967

1968: What’s a line of write?

smith corona typewriter 03 18 1968

1988: The first and last word in performance

smith corona typewriter 11 23 1988

1989: The first typewriter…

That turns a boring writer into a born writer

smith corona typewriter 09 21 1989

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