Evenflo baby bottle & bottle warmer (1950 & 1955)

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Evenflo bottle warmer (1950)

… another delightful Evenflo product for your baby. Just plug the Evenflo Bottle Warmer in most convienent outlet. No need to disconnect after using — shuts off automatically. Saves time and steps. Choice of dainty pink or blue plastic base, Pliofilm-wrapped. With cord, only $1.89.


Feeding “Corkie” is easy (1955)

Bradley Miles saves mom some time by giving his little brother Corkie his Evenflo nurser. Evenflo’s patented Twin Valve Nipple is so easy to nurse that Corkie does not take long to finish his meal.

Mrs Miles, a doctor’s wife, appreciates the safety of sealing the Evenflo nipple downward with the formula for refrigeratior or travel bag, and the convenience of the wide mouth, easy-to-clean Evenflo bottles — used by my mothers than all other nursers combined.

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