Enchantment unlimited: 1955 Ford Thunderbird

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There’s a touch of Thunderbird in every Ford

The way it looks… the way it goes … the way it’s built … everything about the 1955 Ford shows it was cut from the same cloth as the heart-stealing Thunderbird.

You’ll see the resemblance in the graceful flair of Ford’s long, low lines… and in the skillful harmonizing of interior colors.



Enchantment unlimited … the new Ford Thunderbird

A distinguished kind of personal can that combines high performance and high style for a whole new world of driving fun.

The Thunderbird’s long, low, thoroughbred lines say “action”! And they speak the truth. A toe-touch on the gas pedal means no wailing. There’s breath-taking Trigger-Torque perform-ance with the new Thunderbird Special V-8 that’s specially mated with transmission and rear axle. With a low center of gravity (from cowl to ground is just over three feet) and Ford’s Ball-Joint Front Suspension, the Thunderbird corners as if on rails. The fun doesn’t stop here, for the Thunderbird is long on convenience.

Two tops are available. There’s a removable glass-fibre hard top … and a smart convertible fabric top. Windows roll up. The extra-wide foam-rubber-cushioned seat moves forward or back, up or down, at the touch of a button. The baggage compartment is ample. There’s a telescoping steering wheel. And you can have power steering, power brakes, and power windows … Fordomatic or Overdrive.

Why not call your Ford Dealer today and get complete details on this new and distinctive personal car, First deliveries of the thrilling Thunderbird are now being made.


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