De Soto Torsion-Aire Ride smooths the roughest roads (1957)

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De Soto Torsion-Aire Ride smooths the roughest roads

Corners without leaning stops without dive…

Swing the now De Soto into a tight curve, ride her over a rutted road, then wake a quick stop. You’ll be amazed or De Soto’s Torsion-Aire ride — no sway, no bounce, no front-end dip. The secret is De Soto’s advanced system of torsion bars, Safety-Sphere control joints, outrider rear springs and super-soft cushion tins. And Torsion-Aire is standard equipment in all three De Soto price ranges. Drive the ’57  De Soto before you decide! See your dealer today.

DE SOTO… the most exciting car in the world today! De Soto Division, Chrysler Corporation.





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