Clever crafts for kids with crayons & paper (1959)

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Crayola Corner: Constructive ideas to keep children happily occupied

Shirt board shields. Grey shirt cardboards look like steel — make perfect “knight’s armor.” Sword, shield, and visor are quickly cut to shape and colored with crayons. They’re completely safe for children to play with.

Shadow box pictures. Stocking and other two-piece boxes make fine frames for children’s art. Paste drawing face up inside box cover. Cut a “window” in the bottom of the box and nest it inside cover to frame picture. Frame lifts out to let you paste new pictures over old.

Cleaning bag countryside. Save paper cleaning bags for rainy afternoons. Spread them on the floor and let children crayon in roads, streets, houses, railroad tracks. Makes a perfect landscape for toy cars and trains.


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Crayola Corner: Constructive ideas to keep children happily occupied

Play store. Here’s a good way to help youngsters learn how to read, write and do arithmetic, and to work and play together, too. Use crayons and cardboard to make play money, play produce, meat and packaged products. Then some children become shoppers, others clerks, and the game begins.

Trip pictures. Taking children on trips to the post office, dairy farms, banks and stores is an effective way to make them aware of the people and things around them. A good way to help them learn from these experiences is to have them draw what they’ve seen. Crayons are perfect for such picture-making.

Quick change display. Encourage your children by displaying the pictures they make. Frame them with two sheets of construction paper: one for the backing, and the other cut out to form a frame. Paste together, leaving one side open so you can slide pictures in and out.

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