Child’s play panel toy (1955)

Child’s play panel

Children beginning to walk, and busy discovering objects around them, love to play with hardware that moves. Something as everyday as a doorbell is exciting to push in and watch pop out again. And while hooking, latching, turning, and pulling, they’re improving their dexterity.

You can make this board for your child by assembling eleven pieces of hardware on 3/4″ pine shelving, but 11-1/2″ by 18″. Sand corners and edges, and apply base coat of shellac. Then enamel entire surface with blue; enamel four other colors over it in simple rectangle-and-square arrangement, as shown above.

Select movable hardware that is safe for toddlers. File to blunt any sharp points, such as door hook. Drill little starter holes for screws. If screws protrude through back of board, file flush. Using two small screw eyes, hang board low on wall, within child’s reach.

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