Boeing 707 & 720 airplanes (1958)

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Here’s the skyliner that’ll bring the jet age to you

Pictured above is the first jetliner off an American production line… the superb Boeing 707. Its initial flight, made last December 20, followed more than three and a half years of test-flying by the famous 707 prototype. After airline crew training and route familiarization, sleek, swept-wing Boeings will, early next year, begin carrying you across continents and seas, at twice the speed of conventional airliners.

When you board the 707 — or its shorter range sister ship, the 720 — you’ll enjoy an exhilarating new experience. For jet-age flight is incomparably smoother than any you’ve known before, and so swift you’ll cruise coast to coast in just over four hours, or span the ocean from New York to Europe in slightly over six! You’ll relax in a spacious cabin, luxuriously free of engine and propeller vibration. You will, moreover, be flying in the most thoroughly flight-tested aircraft to ever enter commercial service.

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