Bad breath making you a pariah? (1956)

“I’d give anything to belong…”

Ann sighed as she looked enviously through the window at a happy group of boys and girls heading for the bowling alley. How she wished she were one of them.

“I’d give anything to belong,” she said for the hundredth time.

“Why did they snub her so consistently, she wondered. Why did they leave her out of things? She was quite sure she was just as pretty — prettier, even, than some of the girls… just as nicely dressed, too… and with more personality. Yet she was outside of the charmed circle. She simply couldn’t understand why. Girls with this trouble seldom do.

Far and away the most common cause of bad breath is germs. You see, germs cause fermentation of proteins, which are always present in the mouth. And research shows that your breath stays sweeter longer, the more you reduce germs in the mouth.

Listerine antisepctic stops bad breath

… 4 times better than any toothpaste

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