Air Force THOR: Today’s air power in action (1958)

Today’s air power in action

Giant Air Force THOR — already in mass production — can strike anywhere in the world from US bases

Last November 27th, the Defense Department announced that the Douglas Thor had been ordered into production as the Air Force’s intermediate range ballistic missile.

America’s defense is gaining more than just a highly successful missile. Thor comes completely equipped with a Douglas-engineered support system that is immediately ready for field operation.

No hand-tooled prototype, the Thor test models fired for Air Force acceptance are built with mass production tooling. As a result, manufacture of Thor on a volume basis began the minute Air Force approval was given.

At the same time, the science-industry-military team, which cooperated in developing Thor, readied the important systems required to make it operational… transportation, fueling, launching, training and parts replacement.

Such thoroughness is typical of Douglas, where 19,000 missiles of all types have been produced since 1941. In fact, Douglas is the only US manufacturer to have developed missiles systems in all categories… air-to-air, air-to-surface, surface-to-air, and surface-to-surface. And Douglas has an accumulation of missile experience unequaled in the US.

*Defensive systems – the complete air defense must have an attacking arm, too. In the event of an enemy strike, retaliation must be tremendous, decisive, quick. Powerful, accurate intermediate range missiles, like Douglas Thor, launched from US bases around the world, provide this potential.

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