A DIY picnic set (1955)

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Make a picnic table that’s BIG

A DIY picnic set

Our 3′-by-8′ picnic table is planned for outdoor eating, with lots of people and plenty of food. The table seats eight comfortably (allowing the standard 24″ per place setting), or as many more as you can squeeze in, picnic fashion. It has enough room, too, for spreading out a king-size buffet.

We made the five stool tops from plywood leftovers. A bench, not shown here but built on the same folding principle as the table, can be made from pine shelving. Easy-to-follow diagrams and directions for making entire picnic set – table, stools, bench – are in How To Section, page 99.

1. Folds up – Legs on table (and bench) hinged so they collapse for storing

2. Lightweight – Stools easy to move about. Designed to look light, too

3. No waste – Plywood leftovers from table top can be used for 5 stools

4. Choice of seats – Build as many stools and benches as are needed

5. Low cost – In proportion to size and usefulness. Difficult and expensive to buy a picnic table for 8.

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