7 budget small house designs from the 1950s

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7 budget small house designs – from $6,700 to $9,700 (from 1956)

These unique designs prove that good things still do come in small packages — that originality can make the tiniest house attractive.

1. A balcony bedroom and romantic exterior

Romeo and Juliet would have been right at home in this house, with its balcony bedroom and romantic exterior. It has a two-story living room with stone fireplace.

A stairway with wrought-iron railing leads to the bedroom, which has an adjoining dressing room and bath.

7 budget houses - from $6,700 to $9,700

2. Outwardly small house designs

Indoor and outdoor livability is built into this compact 868-square-foot, two-bedroom house. The living room, brightened by rows of windows on two sides overlooks a large terrace, complete with barbecue.

Built-in features — a desk in one bedroom, bookshelves along the fireplace in the living room, a china cabinet in the dining area, and an eight-loot-long food bar between kitchen and living room — combine to make the most of every space in this outwardly small home.

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3. Saltbox tiny house

This 728-foot saltbox house is bigger than it looks. For example, entrance hall between the living and dining rooms enlarges both rooms.

It has only one regular bedroom, but close by is an extra “roomette” that can be used as a nursery. Oversize royal-Canadian shakes are used on the roof. and the exterior is random-width V-joint siding.

Outwardly small house designs & a saltbox tiny house

4. Home with a hideaway room behind the carport

A stone wall with a two-way fireplace separates the living room and a bedroom of this cathedral-ceiling house and brings charm to both. The

T-shape living-dining area invites light through the windows that rise to the peak of the roof.

There is a hideaway room behind the carport, and the large closet adjoining it can be the avenue for future expansion: it could become a hall leading to future bedrooms in the rear.

5. Stone and glass small house designs

There is a smart modern appeal to this small (698 square foot interior) house, with its stone and glass construction, conversation-corner fireplace, island-type kitchen, and garden-view dining space.

The shed roof, rising from a low point at the fireplace wall and out over the carport, gives an elevating sweep to the house. Separation of living and sleeping areas creates a snarlless traffic pattern.

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5 budget houses 1956 2

6. A “see-all” kitchen

There’s a zest to this two-bedroom design that holds special appeal for young people. It could be the sweep of the roof, or the massive stone pedestals that contrast excitingly with the thin line of the roof overhang.

7. The tiny house: Only 650 square feet

Here’s the littlest house of the lot — only 656 in square footage — but it takes on an extra size and depth because of the long low-slung roof, with a broad overhang in the front. 

The angled front window lends lightness to the pitched ceiling, 17-foot living room, which has a fireplace of used brick.

The dining nook is handy to the kitchen, and there’s a walk-in closet off the bedroom. The exterior is of board and battens, and the roof is of marble chip.

The tiny house: Only 650 square feet

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