’51 Nash Airflytes: The world’s most modern car

Discover wonderful differences in the World’s Most Modern Car

Discover the 1951 Nash! You, who have not owned a Nash, may have wondered at the remarkable enthusiasm and loyalty of Nash Airflyte owners. They tell you of exceptional gas mileage — of long trips without fatigue — of spending a comfortable night in the Nash bed — of driving through blizzards in perfect comfort — of feats of hill-climbing, fast driving and taking roads they would not have attempted in other cars.


This is music to our ears. It is the way owners applaud us for keeping ahead of the procession — for building more modern cars.

Our sales gain since the war is five times as great as the average of the industry. One ride will tell you why! Before you decide, take an Airflyte ride — in the world’s most modern car.

Dream away the miles, while another drives, in this Airliner Reclining Seat. At night, both seals become Twin Beds. Coil springs individually cushion all four moving wheels.

Here’s the basic secret of streamliner trains, modern airliners and Nash automobiles. Air-Flyte Construction welds body-and-frame into one double-rigid, girdered unit that’s safer.

Even at zero, your Airflyte is as cozy as home. It alone has the Weather Eye System that refreshes, filters and thermostatically heats the air on pressurized airliner principles. Over 25 miles to the gallon, at average highway speed, in the Nash Statesman. And a Nash Ambassador recently averaged 95.3 miles per hour for over 700 miles!

See what California rush hour traffic was like in the '50s

Take your choice of 20 different upholstery combinations; one of the widest offered by any car-maker.


Only 1951 Airflytes offer you all these modern advantages



Yours for a Merry, merry Christmas with the World’s Most Modern car

Discover these Wonderful Differences in the World’s Most Modern Car


1951 — The World Most Modern Cars

The Ambassador • The Statesman • The Rambler

TELEVISION—Look for “The Nash Airflyte Theatre” on your favorite CBS Television Station every week. Nash Motors, Division Nash-Kelvinator Corp., Detroit, Mich.


It’s a wonderful life you live in the World’s Most Modern Car


Nash Airflyte: Before you decide, take an Airflyte ride — in the world’s most modern car

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