2-part TV set introduced by Philco (1958)

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Philco creates world’s first separate-screen TV set!

Keep the set beside your chair… put the picture anywhere!

2-part TV set introduced by Philco-1958

Philco builds chassis and sound system into a table… makes picture tube separate and portable!

Philco brings you another spectacular advance in the science of television! Now the picture tube is completely freed from the chassis… can be placed anywhere in the room… even carried to another room!

This revolutionary new Philco Predicta Tandem was made possible by Philco scientists who developed the new “S-F” (Semi-Flat) picture tube. Ordinary tubes would have been far too bulky and cumbersome. A flexible 25-ft. cord connects the powerful chassis with the big, bright picture tube.

The set itself, with all its controls and the speaker system, is built into an elegant modern end table. Philco’s full, rich sound is right at your elbow, always conversation-clear. You can put the picture on a wall shelf, where a roomful of people can enjoy it, or place it up close to your chair for personal viewing.

This tomorrow-new television is at your Philco dealer’s now. You can own Predicta Tandem in blond wood, as shown, for $339.95, and in mahogany finish for only $329.95.

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