1958 Edsel: Steals the show wherever you go

Edsel: The most beautiful thing that ever happened to horsepower

It steals the show wherever you go — the long, clean, powerful 1958 Edsel

When you see an Edsel some up from the distance, with the road all to itself, you begin to get the idea. And when you’re the man behind the wheel, with the highway rolling out under that long, straight Edsel hood, you know: This is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to horsepower.

You can guess a lot from the Edsel’s clean, road-ready look — and the 345 horsepower rating of the most advanced V-8s on the road. But the only way to really know the usable power and elegant poise of the Edsel —and the value of such famous Edsel advances as Teletouch Drive and Edsel Air Suspension — is to drive this car and compare it. Car for car, Edsel gives you most — and is priced the lowest — of all medium-priced cars. See your Edsel Dealer soon.

Of all medium-priced cars, the one that’s really new is the lowest-priced, too!



Dramatic Edsel styling leads the way

– worth more now and in the years ahead

This is the fresh new beauty that broke away from the humdrum, look-alike crowd to offer real styling distinction. A distinction that’s worth more when you buy it, worth more when you finally trade it in. That’s why you’ve been seeing a steady increase in new Edsels on the road lately!

This magnificent new car stands out for its advanced new features, too — exclusive Teletouch Drive that puts the shift buttons on the steering-wheel hub — right in front of you; high-economy new V-8 engines (up to 345 hp); self-adjusting brakes: and contour seats that give you luxurious driving comfort.

Why settle for less? Especially when there isn’t even fifty dollars difference between Edsel and the Low-Priced Three! See your Edsel Dealer this week.

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