1958 Chevrolet convertibles & sport coupes

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Bel Air Sport Coupe

Your pride will perk up whenever you’re seen in your ’58 Chevrolet. One look at those low, wind-whisked lines and you know you’re bound to be noticed. And you’ll find still more to be proud of in the quick, sure way Chevy responds to your touch.

Impala convertible, Corvette & Bel Air Sport Coupe

Nothing goes with springtime like a bright new Chevy! Here are cars to rejoice in… sports-minded, fun-hearted and beautiful as all outdoors. The way they perform, ride and handle makes for the happiest driving you’ve ever known. Spring fever starting to get you? Your Chevrolet dealer’s got a sure cure!

Impala Sport Coupe

Excitement rides with you every mile you roll in your new Chevrolet. At rest or on the road, this sleek style-setter promises you more go, gaiety and glamor — and you’ll find it keeps its promises beautifully. Come aboard and take the key to the happiest traveling on the highway!

Impala Convertible

You’ll have plenty to show off in the high-spirited performance of your new Chevrolet. With its radical new Turbo-Thrust V8 and new action in all engines, it’s so quick, agile and eager once you take the wheel, you’ll never want to leave it. You’ve got your hands on something really special!

Impala Convertible

You’ll get a real charge out of the way this ’58 Chevrolet responds to your touch, the slightest hint of command. Here’s vigorous new V8 performance that’s enough to perk up anybody’s pride. here’s the kidn of eager-to-please handling and polo pony response that lets you know you’re the boss, right from the start!

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