1957 Plymouth: Like it’s suddenly 1960

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“I’m no millionaire, but it’s mine!”

I may never be a millionaire — but with this new Plymouth they brought out this year, I figure I can drive like one!

They call this car “1960-new,” and I see what they mean. I looked ’em all over before I traded, and I didn’t see any other car at any price that came within three years of having what this car has.

Look at that long, low styling — three years ahead of the field, And that new Torsion-Aire ride is everything they claim for it — just  floats you over the road. There’s more power under the hood than I’ll ever want to call on, unless I’m caught in a tight spot. 235 gallop-ing horses! And it handles like a sports car—no sway or roll on turns.

The price? Well, I got a good deal — but on top of that, this car is still right down there in the low-price field. You tell me — what more could I ask? What more could a millionaire get? You can bet it’s true what they’re all saying…

When you drive a PLYMOUTH, suddenly it’s 1960

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