Sweet, smooth & sassy: Chevy’s Bel Air Sport Coupe (1957)

Filled with grace and great new things

It looks agile, graceful and easy to handle — and it more than lives up to its looks! Chevy offers fuel injection and America’s first and only triple-turbine transmission.

You expect something pretty special in the way of driving pleasure the very first time you take charge of a new Chevrolet. Those clean, graceful contours hold a promise of quicksilver responsiveness. And there’s something about the low, action-poised profile that tells you Chevy’s a honey to handle.


It doesn’t take long to find out that this car lives up to all its “advance notice” — and then some! Horsepower ranging up to 245 translates your toe-touch into cream-smooth motion. You find that taming a corner is almost as easy as making a wish. And you see how Chevrolet’s solid sureness of control makes for safer, happier driving on city streets, superhighways and everything in between.

If you drive a new Chevrolet with Turboglide (an extra-cost option), you’ll discover triple-turbine takeoff and a new flowing kind of going.

Stop by your Chevrolet dealer’s and sample all these great new things!… Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit 2, Mich.

(Pictured) Sweet, smooth & sassy: The beautiful Bel Air Sport Coupe. You can see and feel the solid quality of its Body by Fisher.

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