World’s biggest bomber: The new B-36 (1946)

It’s the world’s biggest bomber!

The new B-36: Photographed during its third test flight out of Fort Worth, Texas

You’re looking at the gigantic new B-36 in flight — the biggest land-based bomber in the world!

Designed and built by Consolidated Vultee and the US Army Air Forces, the B-36 dwarfs any other bomber now in existence. With its 6 “pusher-type” Pratt & Whitney Wasp Major engines of 3000 horsepower each, the B-36 is designed to carry 10,000 pounds of bombs a distance of 10,000 miles.

If this country should ever be attacked by an aggressor nation, this mammoth plane, operating from bases available to the United States, could drop an atomic bomb on any city in the world.

In the mighty B-36 America can seek and find assurance that the US Army Air Forces are constantly striving to maintain this nation’s position of leadership in the air.

Consolidated Vultee workers are proud that they were selected to work with the US Army Air Forces in designing and building this great new addition to America’s strength in the air. They have a right to be!

With its crew of 15 men, the B-36 has a maximum bomb capacity of 72,000 pounds. Two tank cars are needed to carry the 21,000 gallons of gasoline to fill the fuel tanks of the B-36. This giant bomber has six engines with a total of eighteen thousand horsepower. The tail fin of the B-36 stands almost as high as the average 5-story apartment building. The 230-foot wingspread of the B-36 is 10 feet more than that of two B-24 Liberator bombers.

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Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation

San Diego, California – Downey, California – Wayne, Michigan (Stinson Division) – Fort Worth, Texas – Nashville, Tennessee

Let’s keep America strong in the air!

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