War ration stamps: WWII (1942)

During WWII, countless products were rationed in the United States in order to help meet the demands both of the military and the citizens back home. Some of the rationing requirements are easily understandable — such as gasoline and other fuel along with foods (including sugar, meats, cheese). Others — like rations on typewriters, bicycles and rubber footwear — were not as obvious.

A complex system of rationing, administered by the US Office of Price Administration (OPA), was put in place with stamps, ration booklets and some other similar systems. During the time of war, men, women and children all had to manage with hard-set limits on certain resources. Here are some of the stamps and booklets they were using in California in 1942.

Put your stamp on it

Sugar ration coupon


War ration stamps


Gas ration stamps

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