Vintage birthday cards from American Greetings (1946)

I’ll sit up… and speak for you… with American Greeting cards

American Greeting no. 421Q — One of hundreds on sale at better drug and variety stores everywhere.

Some birthday advice for you

If you’re wicked, folks get huffy
If you’re good, folks think you’re stuffy
If you’re rich, you’re money-crazy
If you’re poor, folks call you lazy
If you’re smart, folks think you’re screwy
f you’re dumb, folks say, “Aw, phooey”!
You can’t suit them on the level!
So don’t try… Just raise the devil!
And have a happy birthday.


American Greetings are fun to send and fun to receive for every occasion on your list:

  • Congratulations
  • Get Well
  • Gifts
  • Friendship
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays and Special Celebrations

American Greeting Publishers, Inc. Cleveland 2, Ohio

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